[Final Cut Pro] Videohive Action Library – Motion Presets for Final Cut Pro X $49


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Nov 16, 2006

Over 1000 Professional Animation Presets for Final Cut Pro X Animation Presets contains more than 1100 ready to use presets which can help you make your unique video on a professional level. Position, Fade, Scale, Overshoot, Bounce, Rotation – more than you need to make cool animations. Every category contains different elements and creates unique stylish look. Apply a preset in one click just by drag-and-drop method.
Technical Requirements
All presets works fine with any types of graphic cards(AMD, RTX, GTX, INTEL GRAPHICS and other.)All presets works fine with any of these type of renders(OPEN CL, CUDA, METAL)

Premade Resolutions​

FullHD – 1920×1080 (works since CC 2018)HD – 1280×720 (works since CC 2015)Vertical – 1080×1920 (works since CC 2018)Instagram – 1080×1080 (works since CC 2018)GoPro – 2704×1520 (works since CC 2018)DCP Flat – 1998×1080 (works since CC 2018)DCP 4K Scope – 4096×1716 (works since CC 2018)DCP 4K Flat – 3996×2160 (works since CC 2018)DCP 2K Scope – 2048×858 (works since CC 2018)4K UltraHD – 3840×2160 (works since CC 2018)4K Full Frame – 4096×3072 (works since CC 2018)4K DCI – 4096×2160 (works since CC 2018)4K Academy – 3656×2664 (works since CC 2018)6K – 6144×2592 (works since CC 2018)
Sound Effects Includes
Camera SwooshesZoom SwooshesGlitch DataGlitch Analog SoundSplit ScribbleStretch WhoopElastic Boopsand many other…


  • Works with any FPS
  • Over 550 Animation Presets
  • Easy for beginners – applying a preset in one click.
  • No holders needed – presets work through adjusment layers.
  • Supported 1080p , 2K, 4K, 6K resolution.
  • Change preset in one click.
  • Apply 1,2 or 3 presets at the same time to get unique design.
  • Easily change the duration of preset.
  • Doesn’t require advanced skills in Premiere Pro
  • Motion Text Presets Package
  • Online Support
  • Detailed Video Tutorials
  • Future Updates
  • Customization Service
  • New Free Presets every month

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