[CAPTURE ONE] Introduction to Capture One 22 and 23 Pro ~ 19$


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Nov 16, 2006

  • Capture one Pro Software (Any version is okay)
  • No prior Knowledge of Capture one Pro or any other software
Welcome to the Ultimate Introduction to Capture One Pro 22. In this course, you will learn all the Tabs in Capture One Pro 22, their uses and how to customise them.
Capture One Pro is a powerful digital asset management (DAM) tool that can benefit any photographer. Whether you're new to photography or an established photographer, Capture One has professional-level tools that can help you improve your photography workflow.
It is the best alternative to Adobe Lightroom and is perfect for any kind of image editing and processing.
In these lesson, you will get to learn the right workflow of Capture One Pro and how to begin and edit to an intermediate editor. No prior knowledge of the software is required as the lesson is fashioned for anyone from beginner to intermediate.
The Capture One software used in these tutorial is Capture One Pro 22 but any version should be good.
I will teach all the things I have learned in my professional career as a Digital Photographer and Operator, providing digital workflows to some of the leading photographers in the industry and pass on my years of experience working in this highly demanding environment.
You will learn beginner and intermediate level in image editing in Capture one pro. This will include nature/landscape and Skin retouch.
  • Beginners in photo editing in Capture One Pro
  • Photographers and Image editers

Link tải fshare https://hanoiyeu.com/url/Mdvu2